BW Kampfhandschuhe schwarz

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Uwe Kortman
Bewertung: 5

Nutze diese Handschuhe vorwiegend dienstlich und bis jetzt haben sie tapfer durchgehalten. Egal ob auf der Hindernisbahn, beim Umgang mit Feuer, bei Arbeiten im Wald (Holz, Biwak, etc.), oder beim Schiessen, ich hatte nie Probleme. Einzigster Nachteil: Nach dem Waschen härtet natürlich das Leder aus. Heißt entweder vorsichtige Handwäsche oder regelmäßiges behandeln des Leders mit Lederpflege um ein reissen/brechen des Leders zu verhindern. Ansonsten TOP Handschuh.

Martin Hala
Bewertung: 3


Simonas Drevinskas
Bewertung: 3

The price when compared to the actual army surplus looked identical, so I took them, especially since I did not see any of the Mil-Tec logo... Except, that when the package arrived, that is exactly what it was - a Mil-Tec replica, I really should have read the reviews before buying them. Is it a good replica at least? I'm kinda meh about it. Not sure of the BW's actual combat gloves, but a lot about these particular gloves just felt "meh" to me. The rubber band fits just slightly above the bottom of the palm, which feels weird and counterintuitive to my hands. Otherwise they are "okay", I guess. They're at least really compact, and fold nicely, but that's as high praise as I can give them. I should mention that I had other combat gloves before. Two pairs in fact. And both were a British army issue. Compared to those, how do these fare? I'd rather take those British gloves. Sure, they are nowhere as compact as these, but they feel really good on the hand. They had the outer leather, a mid-membrane I imagine, and inner fabric liner, making even cold conditions sustainable, yet still looking slender and elegant. And that is the point I really wanted to bring up: leather attracts cold, and these gloves being without any membrane of any kind are impossible to be worked with at any negative temperature, which I found out the hard way, since I work in the freezer of the warehouse depot. I thought that I could use them as a glove liner for my working gloves, but while they fit nicely, it's a lot colder (painfully cold, in fact) to work in them, compared to the (much smaller) silk glove liners I usually use.

Carl-Antonio Fichtner
Bewertung: 4

Der linke Handschuh war etwas kleiner als der rechte, nichtsdestotrotz bin ich mittlerweile aber ganz zufrieden mit den Handschuhen.

Rico Stammler
Bewertung: 5

Leichte Handschuhe sehr gut gepasst

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