Kampfrucksack Import flecktarn

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Robert Swiecicki
Bewertung: 1

Bloody awful, nearly everything is awful with this pack. From just a one week camping trip I had to mend the bag, so many parts of it ripped off and had to be shoddily repaired. The bag is very uncomfortable to wear: the straps are pretty small so you certainly feel the weight (and any long trips it would probably hurt), and the bag sits very high up on the body, which is probably a plus if you wear a buttpack, but otherwise it makes it a pain to carry. However the pockets aren\'t too bad, the main one is nice and roomy, and found no problem packing everything I needed, although the side pockets can get irritating as the straps do not fully open the flap, thus being annoying when packing large things. The material of the bag is poor. The material rips easily when going through regular thorny bushes (thankfully it\'s nice and doesn\'t rip in large cuts), it is also waterproof (due to the fact that it is rubberised on the inside).

Jean-Philippe Heurtaux
Bewertung: 4

C'est particulier et pas onéreu.

Heiko Kallinich
Bewertung: 5

Rucksack wird zum Wandern verwendet. Passt wie beim original viel rein, wenn man ihn richtig packt. Macht einen guten Eindruck. Ob er robust ist , wird sich zeigen.

Markus Remahne
Bewertung: 5

Zu diesem Preis ein unschlagbares Angebot . Es passt sehr viel rein

Julio César Yáñez Álvarez
Bewertung: 5

Buena mochila por ese precio, capacidad y lugares donde colar cosas adicionales. Quizá lo unico es que los bolsillos laterales puede estuviesen mejor con un cierre de cremallera